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    地 址:	遼寧省大連市高新園區(甘井子區)億陽
    郵 編:	116023
    電 話:	0411-86645290  86641650  86658407
    傳 真:	0411-86641650
    郵 箱:	zhjcqk@126.com
    開戶行:	交通銀行大連市分行五一廣場支行
    賬 戶:	組合機床與自動化加工技術雜志社
    賬 號:	212060040018000542046

     "Modular Machine Tool & Automatic Manufacturing Technique” magazine is co-sponsored by China Mechanical Engineering Society and Dalian Modular Machine Tool Research Institute, managed by China Association for Science and Technology, checked by The Ministry of Science and Technique of PRC and News Published Office of PRC. The magazine is found in 1959, issued home and abroad, published monthly.
      It is an academic and technical periodical. It is mainly concerned about new technology applied in production engineering fields. It contains in R&D large batch manufacturing process and equipment. The magazine reports manufacture system, intelligent manufacture, computer integration manufacture craft with multi- angles of view and all directions present. It reports research fruit, theory study, applied practice and trade union information, special in FMS, IT manufacture, Web production, CIMS fields, the magazine are deeper, wider and quicker than home other magazines.
      The magazine’s readers are the research men in institutes, engineers in motor, engine, machine tool, agriculture machine and home electricity factories , teachers and graduates and PHD in universities and so on.
      "Modular Machine Tool & Automatic Manufacturing Technique" has the widespread influence, the suitable authority in the domestic manufacturing industry and famous in mechanical and electrical major colleges and universities. It collected by various databases and digests. The magazine is one of “China science and technical articles statistics resource periodicals” which is listed by China Information Institute of the Chinese Science and Technology Ministry. Some departments which include “Library of Chinese Academy of Science”, "the Chinese Science Institute literature evaluate center” recognized it is " the Chinese scientific quotation database origin periodical" and "the Chinese academic periodical quality synthetic evaluation database origin periodical".
      Welcome the domestic and foreign scholars, the engineers and technicians to subscribe the magazine; to submit papers for publication; at the same time, the magazine also undertakes advertisement service, welcome the domestic and foreign enterprises to use widely.
    Responsible Department :
    China Association for Science and Technology Sponsor:
    Dalian Modular Machine Tool Research Institute  The Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society
    Editor and Publisher:
    Modular Machine Tool & Automatic Manufacturing Technique Magazine Agency
    External Circulation:
    China Book Imp. & Exp. Co. Export Department
    (16,Gongti East Road, Chaoyang District,Beijing,China)
    Add: Room 905,block C,Sanfeng building,6C Yiyang Rd.,Ganjingzi,Dalian,Liaoning 116023,China
    Tel : 86-411-86645290,86641650,86658407
    Fax: 86-411-86641650
    E-mail: zhjcqk@126.com

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